Leadership Programs


It has been stated that ‘Organisations who leave the development of their leaders to chance do so at their own risk’.  Michael Thornber & Associates has a range of leadership programs aimed to develop the competencies required by leaders at all levels in the organisation. 


The list of the competencies and the content of the programs have been identified through both the theory and practice of leadership, especially informed by the issues that have arisen through over 20 years of consultancy experience. The programs have been developed by education professions to ensure the content and learning processes are based on the principles of adult learning and competency based.  Each program has one to one consultancy support follow-up to ensure the integration of the skills as part of the learning processes and the application of the skills in the workplace.


The programs are designed to be delivered ‘in house’ so that participants can share the skills learnt with their colleagues, which re-enforces the learning for the individuals and the group to the ultimate benefit of the individual and the organisation.